VnM Sport Cold Race Collar by RHT Cold

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We collaborate with only the best in the business.

In this case it’s RHT Cold.

We came across this amazing product in the MotoGP paddock. Remy Gardner loved the product and introduced us to the owner Clara. Once we tried the Cold Necks we were blown away by the performance. We realized that our products and goals are very similar. Clara wanted to make something different that cannot be compared with anything else on the market. She retained the feedback from multiple MotoGP and World Superbike riders and created a patented product that pulls the heat from your body, even if it isn’t refrigerated!!!!

What an amazing compliment to our cooling base layers! Beat the heat and get the best out there!! You won’t regret it!

Long Lasting Cold

Soft patented gel lasts longer and cooler than the standard cold gel in the market and stays pliable even if frozen.

Heat absorption

Thanks to a patented formula the  product absorbs excess heat which is much more effective than the direct application of cold.

Reusable and Safe

Reusable and low maintenance. The gel compound is innocuous and non-toxic. We ensure that all RHT COLD products are safe and harmless in any situation. The outer sleeve is washable.