Collection: Technology

Advanced Fabric Technology

Introducing the future of athletic wear, where advanced fabric construction takes center stage, amplifying cooling and reducing dehydration. It’s like having air conditioning for your skin.

This groundbreaking innovation is courtesy of our uniquely engineered VnM fabric. Woven into intricate honeycombs, it’s designed to enhance cooling by expanding as you move, creating an unparalleled cooling sensation. VnM Sport gear dries over 8 times faster than cotton and 2.5 times quicker than the competition, making that cooling sensation truly intense.


Durability Beyond Compare

Our VnM fabric doesn’t just cool; it stands the test of time. It won’t fade, lose shape, or stretch out, outlasting its competitors by a remarkable factor of four. Plus, it’s rated SPF 50+ for sun protection, shielding you from harmful UV rays.


Cotton vs. VnM: The Ultimate Showdown

Cotton enthusiasts, take heed! Riding in a tee-shirt may seem comfortable, but it’s a recipe for discomfort in all weather conditions. Why, you ask? Cotton’s affinity for water absorption causes its pores to constrict, trapping heat between your skin and the fabric. Moreover, cotton’s slow drying time can lead to cold sweats when temperatures fluctuate.

In contrast, VnM Sport’s Cooling Compression fabrics provide an “air conditioning” effect. Woven into honeycombs, they prevent trapped air, ideal for extreme heat. These fabrics breathe better, evaporate sweat instantly, and dry quickly, delivering a continuous cooling sensation, even after you’ve stopped moving.


Compression and Endurance

Our compression garments are strategically designed with input from physiotherapists who understand the demands of motorcycle racers. Focusing on forearms, upper arms, upper back, shoulders, quads, thighs, and calves, our garments provide compression where it’s needed.

Certified Lycra Sport compression technology is the secret behind reduced muscle fatigue and quicker recovery. As you ride, muscles oscillate, leading to fatigue. Our VnM fabric minimizes this vibration, delaying physical and mental exhaustion, and allowing you to perform at your peak for longer durations.

Furthermore, it helps reduce lactic acid build-up in your muscles, decreasing post-activity soreness, a boon for multi-day activities.

What Sets Our Compression Apart

Not all compression garments are created equal. Medical grade compression garments contain around 23% to 30% elastane, actively compressing muscles to provide real benefits. VnM Sport achieves this compression at 15-20 MMHG, offering tangible advantages like reduced lactic acid build-up and muscle vibration.


A Fit Like No Other

Our ergonomic design enhances maneuverability and comfort while riding. Seamless technology eliminates chafing, and stitching is strategically placed away from high-abrasion points and armor. VnM Sport’s proprietary collar design offers neck protection and eliminates chafing from protective gear and facial hair.

Our garments are engineered to fit the human body in riding positions, ensuring no bunching, chafing, or riding up. With specialized silicone grippers at the waist, gear stays in place. Soft mesh paneling provides added comfort under the arms, down the back, and behind the knees.

The VnM fabric’s slipperiness, even on the hottest days, makes getting in and out of your riding suit a breeze.