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Find Out Why Customers Consistently Give Us 5 Stars

star“Best looking and most comfortable undersuits in the game!”

-Jonas Folger, WorldSBK Racer #94

star“During the Qatar test, I tried a new baselayer. Used it during 5 days and really liked it. BTW this is not an ad or sponsored, just showing approciation for a great product. Well done VnM Sport

-Sylvain Guintoli, 2014 FIM World Superbike Champion

star“On the first sight I saw that the quality of the material was super good, so I decided to contact Aliki for becoming partners in 2020 while racing in the Moto2 World Championship. When I first tried VnM product I was delighted!! It feels like a second skin, even better because its slippery. So when I put on and take out the leather it’s just so easy, it doesn’t get stuck on your shoulder or on your knees. Also, one of the parts that I love about VnM is that it’s super fresh and that’s so important for an undersuit, as it can get really hot under the racing leathers.

-Edgar Pons, Moto2 World Championship Racer #57

star“High performance gear customized and made by exceptional people.”

-Diego, President Tampa Bay Desmo

star“Here’s a shout out for a great product! VnM Sport makes totally awesome under gear for high-performance, high-energy sports such as motorcycle racing. VnM Sport is far superior in many ways due to its unique, high-quality compression fabric & fitted design. In addition to making it far easier to don/remove racing suits, the special fabric compresses your muscles to help avoid muscle fatigue (especially the dreaded “arm pump”). On hot humid days it helps to regulate your body temperature, and it cools you down.
I have used VnM Sport since it arrived on the market, and it will remain my choice for a long time to come.”

-Glenn Cauley, Motorcycle Racer

star“VnM gear is amazing. It does exactly what is promised and the quality is superior to any other base layers that I’ve purchased over the years. I am extremely impressed with the owner’s/designer’s commitment to making the best possible product for a reasonable price. The gear is worth every penny and I plan on buying more tops and pants. I look forward to more products available from this company.”

-Daniela Fredrick, Trackday Instructor/AFM Racer

star“Great quality compression gear and the option to customize only takes it over the top!!! Aliki is also a very easy person to work with through the customization process and will make sure it’s exactly what you want!”

-Ross Smith, Owner ProMoto Performance, Instructor Keigwins Trackdays

star“This gear does really rock. I wear it every time I ride. It makes for a more comfortable ride and the compression really works to minimize soreness for the first few rides of the season or riding all day. Love the cooling effects of the material too. For those extra hot days, if you spray it down with water it actually feels ice cold while you ride. :)”

-Raphaella Giorgiou, seasoned street rider

star“I was in need of a good base layer because summer Phoenix, Arizona temps get well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit on the race track. VnM were fantastic to work with. They provided very good communication on what they needed to complete a custom top, as well as updates on the progress of it’s production. The final product is well made, fits and looks great, and keeps me much cooler. I highly suggest this gear to anyone in need of a quality base layer.”

-Todd Waugh, You Tube personality, track enthusiast

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